Leodis Support Service


Click here to access the Leodis Academies Trust website, where our support pages are regularly updated with links to many resources and services.

The Leodis Support Service is based at Woodkirk Academy, providing additional guidance and support for all students and families across the Multi Academies Trust.

We work closely with pastoral staff in the Academy schools to provide ‘Early Help’ using a range of additional support services which include: Family Support (one-to-one and parenting groups), Emotional Health and Well-being, Counselling and access to external commissioned services and resources. We offer support to address all issues which affect family functioning and well-being and act as a barrier to education.

We have a strong partnership with Children’s Social Work Services and our own Safer Schools Police Officer, which allows us to respond positively to children, young people and their families who are experiencing difficulties and where there may be Safeguarding concerns.

We are also committed to sharing information about as many local activities as possible, for example through Youth Service and Breeze, both during term time and in the school holidays, to enable children and young people to have more positive experiences in their free time. Our Activities page will be updated regularly.

Please contact us should you feel that you require support for your child or family.

Tel: 0113 887 3609 - office number

Email: leodissupportservice@leodis.org.uk